Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.
— The Bhagavad Gita.
Me Smile.jpeg
Me Smile.jpeg

I have always felt at great peace being close to nature and around animals.  From an early age I felt a powerful calling towards healing and caring for animals.  I enjoyed creating plant potions, learning magic, practising spells, rituals and spirituality. I’m a bit of a witch at heart!  I soon recognised my need to explore and deepen my spiritually.  It was around this time that my father introduced me to crystals and books to read about magic and tarot. 

I found high school difficult and on reflection, I feel that this is when I lost connection with my true self.  I tried to fit in and alter myself in order to be accepted as part of the crowd rather than celebrating my individuality.  I particularly struggled during exam times, literacy was not my strong point. I am an idealist and creative, which made it difficult for me to learn within the education system, sitting in rows being judged on my ability of my written work and constantly being tested.

Recognising my struggle, my father gave me a very special gift, my first meditation tapes.  These helped to support me during times of stress. Meditation is now my daily medicine and supports me on so many levels. The greatest gift of all which I am eternally grateful for.

I developed severe acne in my early teens, which continued throughout my twenties. This had a huge impact on my mental health, causing low self-esteem  anxiety and depression.

I was filled with so much anger and negative emotion. I felt like a victim  and asked “why me?”" why am I so ugly?" "who will ever love me?" Not knowing how powerful my words were at the time only creating more of what I didn't want. I lived in such a harmful and destructive way, sabotaging the good and numbing the pain in any way I could. I feel so very lucky to have a strong Mother who would not let me give up on the important things, even though I tried.

I am now grateful for these experiences, which have truly humbled me and have helped me to understand and feel what others experience during those dark times.

I endured these challenges for many years, which has served to awaken a deep sense of compassion within me and has guided me towards my true purpose in life. There are jewels of wisdom within in our darkest hours and a purpose to our pain.

I still have much to learn but feel a great calling to share what I have learned during my life so far… I understand how it feels to be in those darker places and I also know how much strength its takes to rise up out of it. I want to share the wellness antidotes that have helped me along the way, empowering others to come to a place of peace, self love and balance.

My spiritual journey has been a blessed one, the disharmony within seemed to deepen my quest for a deeper understanding of my own mind and the world. I always endeavour to follow the calling of my heart, which has led me on a wonderful journey all over the world. I have had the opportunity to live and work in some of the most unique and luxurious locations, working for one of the most influencial entrepreneurs of our time. I have lived on a game reserve in South Africa, on tropical islands in the Caribbean and Bahamas, and the majestic mountains of Switzerland. I am currently working for Royalty some months of the year. I have gained much knowledge and wisdom from personal pilgrimages and some very inspiring teachers in India, Nepal, and Bali. 

It has been interesting to reflect and write a brief insight into my personal life. The person I see in my teens and early twenties is a total stranger.  The person I see now is a strong, self motivated adult version of the girl that lives for nature, her connection to this life and all beings, which fills my heart with so much joy.

I am grateful I connected back to my true self, all of my experiences are valuable and have served a purpose in guiding me home and rediscovering who I am and my purpose in this life.

I believe what this world needs is more people who love themselves and each other.  

If you want love, become love...

If you want to change the world, change yourself first. It begins with YOU.

Peace and Love