Be the way you live, be the way you give.
— Candice Pennington

Lucky buggers, you’re in for a treat! Candice’s positive energy and attitude is infectious. Her treatments are just the antidote to any physical or mental stress. She’ll always be a valuable member of our Virgin family.
— Sir Richard Branson

Candice has magic hands! Her deep and thorough massages are fantastic for treating problem areas and for deeper healing and rejuvenation. I always leave her feeling totally relaxed and calm. And her professional but warm energy, is the perfect balance for any busy person to be around. 
— Kate Winslet

I was lucky enough to be able to work with Candice for 2 months and she is an incredible therapist always going the extra mile! We also did one of her amazing yoga classes which were a great mix of yoga, meditation and well really feel like your working your body out :) oh and all with a Candice touch.. If you don’t know what I mean well your have to find out yourself! One love.
— Kensey Monopoli

If just meeting Candice isn’t enough to calm you inside then her skill, professionalism, and energy will be the sure fix to melt away any stresses in your body. She is a delightful person to be around and I am very jealous that you will be seeing her as she is a true gem. Keep up the great work Candice.
— Sam Branson

I´ve enjoyed a holistic full body massage by Candice twice so far and her treatments were truly outstanding. Candice is a very kind person and she made sure I felt absolutely comfortable at all times. Her massage techniques felt amazing on my sore and aching muscles and after the treatments my mind was 100% relaxed and my body felt so grateful for having it done. Thank you Candice and see you again soon. xx
— Teresa

Candice is a fantastic therapist, she truly cares, and is passionate about what she does. Her treatments don’t just work on the body, they also work on the soul. It’s rare to find a therapist that is fully present whist treating, but Candice makes it her mission to be so. She’s a gem.
— Alexia Hargrave

Candice was a present and engaging student, who demonstrated an excellent work ethic and passion for the subject matter throughout the entire teacher training. Candice speaks clearly and calmly and teaches with heart and compassion. We know she will make an intelligent and compassionate yoga teacher - her students are lucky to benefit from her dedication and passion for yoga. We wish Candice all the best on her yoga teaching journey.
Sunny Richards
— Sunny Richards